New from Duncan Hines “Perfect Size”

On my recent weekly trip to market I came across Duncan Hines “Perfect Size”. Then of course I had to go to every other store in town and no one had it so I know it’s truly new. From my green circa 1970’s green Easy Bake Oven I have seen smaller cake mixes come and go. This is just a totally grown up version that tastes amazing. From “Frost and Serve” to “Warm Delights” and none have really worked well. Until now.

Chocolate on Chocolate action
Chocolate on Chocolate action

I bought the Golden (yellow) cake with chocolate frosting and the chocolate/chocolate combo. You can’t go wrong! It says it serves 2-4. Which made me literally laugh. Some people are cookie monsters – I am a cake monster. We have all been there.

Everything that comes in the box.
Everything that comes in the box.

So I cranked up my convection oven to 300 degrees and started mixing up my cake mix. Super easy and since my butter was so soft I went against the instructions and mixed it by hand with a wooden spoon and it came out like a dream. The pan is 7 inches which is a great size – I will not say how many servings I got out of it, but anyway.


When mixing the frosting it does require 4 tablespoons of soft butter – use the mixer on this – for sure! And you may look and think it’s not enough frosting, do NOT add more water than required. It will come together, it will work and there will be just the perfect amount to frost your wee baby cake. Trust me. Honestly, this frosting tastes WAY better than canned – by a long shot. I think it’s the fresh butter, it makes everything better. I wish they had this frosting available for regular size mixes.

My new Easy Bake Oven
Just like my old Easy Bake Oven..

When it comes to cooling the cake – let it cool 100% and then pop it out. Just turn it upside down in a rack, then press where it says to press. The paper pan will separate from the bottom, then you peel the disc from the bottom of the cake then invert it onto a plate. Don’t do what I normally do and take it out of the pan too soon. The cake is very moist (butter?) and tastes wonderful. Seriously, this was one of the best cakes I have had in a long time – out of a box or not. So to Duncan Hines I say “Very well done!” and I hope this product goes the distance and not the way of its numerous predecessors. DH finally got this one well just perfect.




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  1. anthonyd says:

    Thanks for this review! Just saw these at Walmart and wanted to pick them up. Good to know they’re good to eat! Didn’t realize the frosting wasn’t pre-made but that’s not a problem if it tastes better than the can.

    Thanks again – for the review and pics!

  2. Jeanette says:

    Great review! My Perfect Size (for one PMS crazed girl) Lemon is in the oven now. I was wondering if the use of actual butter in this cake and frosting would make it taste better! I also hope these do well and don’t get discontinued.

    1. I think the butter in both make it a lot better and richer. (Butter is PMS approved!).

  3. meoowmeoow says:

    Fingers crossed it’s available in the UK, it certainly looks good enough to eat! …hmmm I’m thinking warm it up & serve as dessert with double cream 🙂

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