Response from The Sheraton Grand Sacramento.

This is exactly what people (not just bloggers) do NOT want to hear. If you had a really bad experience people don’t want the “sorry you feel that way” form letter in return. Here is the letter in it’s entirety:

Dear Ms. Rogan,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your feedback on your stay here at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento this past week. I was made aware about your posting on the Social Media channel “Twitter” and subsequently took the opportunity reviewing your travel-blog “BelleTraveler”. I appreciate the time you spent sharing about your experience. Guest feedback is one of the most valuable resources we can use to continually improve our operation.

We have read your blog-entry with great interest. It was enlightening to read about your experience with our guest services team. Please be assured that your comments about our team’s knowledge about the club-lounge have not gone un-noticed and will be discussed further. I apologize that the responses you received made you doubtful about your hotel-selection. We have also taken note about your comments on the food-choices in our club-lounge. I am very sorry that we did not meet your expectations here. We will be de-briefing your notes further with our teams and also utilize such for training purposes. Thank you for sharing your experience in detail.

Ms. Rogan, in the last section of your blog you’re mentioning a “pending charge for $50”. Please be informed that we do authorize a $50 deposit for incidental charges on our guests’ credit or debit-cards. This applies in addition to the room-charge (which in your case was paid through a 3rd party). The amount is released in full if no additional charges occurred upon departure. Depending on the card-holder’s credit-institution this may take up to 10 business days. I apologize for our receptionist who was quite “over-optimistic” when stating it would “fall off in a couple of business days”. We will advise the individual accordingly.

Ms. Rogan, your business is very important to us. Thank you again for sharing your stay experience. It is my sincere hope that you will choose to return to the Sheraton Grand Sacramento and give us another opportunity to create a favorably memorable experience. Please call me directly when you do decide to stay again, so that I can ensure that you receive the high level of service that we strive to provide. Again, I thank you for your feedback.

Norbert Hurka
Director of Operations, Sheraton Grand Sacramento


View from the 25th floor of Sheraton Grand Sacramento


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