Why Ugly Fruits and Vegetables Are So Chic.

Fresh Fruit
Fresh Fruit

I have to say when I first heard about people only eating fruit they deemed “pretty” I was surprised. Sure we eat with our eyes as well as our noses, but refusing to eat fruit that isn’t picture perfect I do not understand and doubt I ever will.  If you bake apples, blueberries  or pumpkins in a pie can you tell if they were pretty? If you slice up fruit to eat as a snack does it matter and why? Are people really that shallow that beauty must encompass every aspect of their lives including what they eat? Or is the heirloom tomato you pull dirty from your garden with all of it’s imperfections actually more perfect? Is the nutritional value any different? Does it taste any different? No. Simply no.

Over the summer there was an Op Ed entitled “The latest French fashion: eating ugly fruits and veggies” by Lorena Galliot where she sates that American throw away 52% of fruits and vegetables because of they way they look. That seems like a massive amount of food when at the same time you see a huge increase of middle class Americans needing to visit local food banks and closets for the first time.  I know I ask this a lot but what’s wrong with Americans? Seriously? Do you think your grandmother or great grandmother threw out food that wasn’t pretty? Hell no, she sliced, it, baked, fried it and made it work. And was probably glad to have fresh fruits and veggies.

So the next time you are with someone who wants to pass up fruits and vegetables that are ugly tell them “The French say it’s chic to eat ugly, so I’ll take the ugly ones!”

The latest French fashion: Eating ugly fruits and veggies.


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