Safeway cakes are not always the safe way to go.

We all have been there, a rough long week and it’s not even Thursday. The kind of week you bake so much you think if you look at another sink full of dirty dishes you will literally die. Literally. You feel so tired you want to sit and cry. Add a food-packed holiday and that would be a recipe for disaster. For me this was that week. One question: why does it seem like if everything that comes out of your kitchen have to be red, white and blue for the 4th of July? Food color (especially red) doesn’t taste good, at least not to me.
For the 4th I knew I had quite a bit of cooking and grilling (ribs). So I thought I could skate by on a store bought cake. Lovely white cake with white frosting, harking back to so many childhood birthdays. So the day before I dashed out early for a few minutes and made a run to my local Safeway. The sandwich rolls, bagels and cookies are always great, but the frosted cakes seemed to look like they were left out in the heat.
When I got there they had one vanilla cake. I checked out all the cakes and by all accounts I should have known better. In fact, I went and looked at the ice cream sandwiches. Thinking I could just make one of those amazing looking no bake ice cream sandwich cakes I see all over Pinterest. But no I went back to the bakery, knowing in my gut it was a mistake.

Safeway's idea of a cake.
Safeway’s idea of a cake.

Yes, it was a HUGE mistake, bigger than I could have imagined. When we cut into the cake it looked like it had been trimmed and assembled by someone wearing a blindfold and with one hand tied behind their back, I’m going to bet it was their right hand. Being that it was mostly frosting there is no way I would ever give this to a child. Also the blue frosting had so much food coloring in it that it tasted really bitter and it even stained my skin.

Safeway is not always the safest way to go.
Safeway is not always the safest way to go.

For low low price of $14.99 I think I was overcharged by about $13.99. Next I will just suck it up and either go to Nugget and pay triple the price or what I normally do and put on my “big girl panties” and just get deal. Get back into the kitchen and make something, anything rather than buy another cake at Safeway. By any means necessary.

The cake was returned for a full refund.


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