Strawberry Cream Cake

With a busy holiday weekend I cannot even bother with a huge menu or a fancy dessert. Keep it simple. Real Simple. So one way to please everyone is with a Strawberry Cream Cake. You can also swap out the strawberries for any other fruit you like.  All you need is:

One white sheet cake (or you can do rounds and stack them)

4-5 cups of macerated fruit

1/4 cup sugar for the fruit

Whipping cream

Always use fresh strawberries
Test cake for baking.
Pour strawberry mixture onto cooled cake.










Cut up fruit, add to cooled cake and top with whipped cream. Make it fancy or of you don’t have the skills do what I do and

call it “rustic”. Whenever anything doesn’t come out how I like it, or it’s not too fancy I simply call it “rustic”.

I put my mixing bowl in freezer for about an hour before I whip my cream.










You can do this all in one pan or dollop the cream on individually when served.

Spread in on thick.
Finished Strawberry Cream Cake

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