Red Robin Decor Redo

99.999% of the time I prefer to support local “mom and pop” places over a large chain. Nothing wrong with chains, I just think I get to know people more when I visit a local-based place.  But this week I was invited back to Red Robin and experience their new decor. When the very nice lady who is a regional manager for the chain said they were “completely redoing the decor” I was skeptical.

We found the decor less juvenile kitschy much more grown up. In fact it’s like Red Robin did grow up and improved their menu as well. There are some new burgers like the D.G.B. (Damn Good Burger) which comes on a toasted ciabatta bun with a citrus olive oil dressing.  In addition there are new sauces for their fries including a fine cheese and bacon sauce. Only one item I have found that has no allure for me whatsoever is the “Beer Shake” which consists of exactly that – a shake with beer in it.


decor decor2 yum



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