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A Taste for Adventure: Top 25 Culinary Travel Bloggers to Follow for 2014


We take everything with us when we travel – our clothes, our money, and especially our appetites. Navigating meal time abroad (whether you’re in the kitchen at a luxurious FlipKey rental or out to eat at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant) can be a thrill at best and downright frightening at worst. We all need a little guidance on proper culinary etiquette and recommendations when traveling the globe to help us answer thousands of pressing questions like: What are the must-try dishes in Africa? How much should I be paying for authentic Asian cuisine? Will these red berries kill me if I eat them? So with that in mind we’ve compiled our list of the top 25 culinary travel bloggers to follow. These writers will wow you with their pictures, recipes, and advice for eating globally – most of them coming straight from the source.

A Little Adrift

Shannon left in 2008 to travel around the world and discover culture, foods, and grassroots community initiatives. Through storytelling and travel photography, Shannon’s blog shares the stories of the people and places she’s found along the way. — Shannon O’Donnell, A Little Adrift

Accidental Epicurean

Accidental Epicurean will bring you both simple delights and refined pleasures – the common thread being enjoyment without unnecessary pretense. From eating fried chicken on the streets of Bangkok to a Moet champagne brunch at a 5-star luxury hotel in Singapore…Accidental Epicurean will bring you the finer things in life. — Accidental Epicurean

Behind the Food Carts

Our blog is focused on showcasing the stories of the people who make the mobile food industry happen. It’s giving you a peek behind the scenes into a burgeoning industry in America. And of course the yummy food pics and videos don’t hurt! — Behind the Food Carts


Started as a food blog (recipe blog) in 2009, Bunkycooks has become a culinary lifestyle website. As a James Beard Award nominated food blog, we want to bring the reader along on a culinary journey to experience the finest in culinary travel, chef interviews of America’s best chefs, chef’s recipes, best recipes, and culinary travel to luxury destinations and properties in the Southeast, the United States, and around the world. Discover the unique and finest in food, best bites, wine, chefs, farmers, artisans, and culinary travel at Bunkycooks. – Bunkycooks

Cook Sister

Jeanne is a South African living in London who travels as much as possible, from self-catering budget holidays to five-star resorts, in search of world-class foodie experiences. Visit her site for detailed reviews and sumptuous photographs not only of her travels, but also of markets, restaurants and dishes inspired by her travels that she recreates at home. — Jeanne Horak-Druiff, Cook Sister


The Cultureur is a luxury travel and culture blog that focuses on the finer things in life, while delving into the hidden gems of a destination, including food, wine, lifestyle, society, and culture. —  Nyssa C., TheCultureur

Eat Like a Girl

A London based food blog – creative and delicious recipes for home cooks, London restaurant reviews, culinary travel, London food tours and lots of food projects. — Eat Like a Girl

Eat Your World

Tasting the locally distinct foods and drinks of a destination is essential to a travel experience, as they illuminate that region’s unique culture, geography, history, and lore. Eat Your World helps fellow travelers find these truly authentic eats. — Scott Rosen, Eat Your World


Epicuring is a culinary travel blog featuring the experiences and discoveries of great food tours and places and events. Their mission is to bring locals and travelers the best food experiences you’d write home about around California and other top locations, through their hand-picked guides and lists. — Epicuring

Flanboyant Eats

Bren’s passion for traveling the world and exploring the beautiful elements different cultures have to offer, inspires her cooking and writing. Her global translation on the blog is accesssible, yet sexy, and attractive food anyone can cook at home! From goat cheese and Brandy flan inspired by a visit to Lye, France, to salted caramel black truffle ice cream brought to life on a trip to Melbourne, Flanboyant Eats is an international foodie’s deilght. Her point is to transport you through illustrative story-telling and luscious pictures to destinations you may not have been to or are thristing to experience for yourself. She’s checked off 19 countries and plans visiting all 196! — Bren Herrera, Flanboyant Eats

Food Nouveau

If you think food and travel are inextricably intertwined, then you’ll love my blog, Food Nouveau, on which I share travel tales and food-centric city guides, but also recipes inspired by my trips abroad. — Marie Asselin, Food Nouveau


Over the past few years, Gastrofork has been growing its roots into the international food scene. With reviews of restaurants, products and experiences slowly branching worldwide, Gastrofork is a must visit for those wanting some insight prior to their adventures! — Dee de los Santos, GastroFork

The Gastrognome

Deciding what to eat is the best part of vacation–and my blog offers readers a chance to share that fun with me (or use it to plan their own trip)–from uncleaned pig intestine in Laos to dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in rural Provence. — Naomi Bishop, The Gastrognome

Global Table Adventure

The Global Table Adventure is a celebration of every country in the world and each week dives into food and recipes from a different country. It is the “ultimate stovetop travel experience. — Global Table Adventure

Legal Nomads

While I did not quit my job as a lawyer for a new career, I’ve loved building one unexpectedly during the last 6 years, primarily around food. I focus on longform stories and photoessays, mixing enthusiasm with words and attention to detail in pictures to write about how food brings people together around the world.— Jodi Ettenberg, Legal Nomads

The Mija Chronicles

Lesley Téllez’s blog explores the universe of Mexican cuisine, with a special focus on Mexico City. She writes about anything from sidewalk eats to unusual Mexican ingredients, with photos and reflections from cities across the country. — Lesley Téllez, The Mija Chronicles

Our Tasty Travels

Combined, we’ve eaten our way through 65 countries, and are one of the few sites that feature everything from street food to Michelin-starred dining. And now that I’ve completed my Certified Specialist in Wine designation, look for more wine-related travel content in 2014. — Erin De Santiago, Our Tasty Travels

Parla Food

A food blog by food historian, sommelier, and offal enthusiast Katie Parla, Parla Food’s mission is to get people talking about what they are eating and why they are eating it. Katie focuses special attention on Rome, the decline of Italian food culture, and critical reviews of restaurants and trends. — Parla Food

The Road Forks

Follow Akila and Patrick’s family, and their two dogs, as they travel, cook, and eat their way around the world. — The Road Forks

Sodium Girl

Sodium Girl is a blog for those who are faced with a low sodium dietary restriction, or any dietary restriction, that will show you how to create flavor without the salt shaker and how to dine, travel, eat and explore without limits. — Sodium Girl

The Trail of Crumbs

Californian ex-pats Adrian and Danielle have made a living from sharing their favorite travel gems, and it’s easy to see why: they have a knack for finding the very best spots, wherever they go. Their lush descriptions of the best food to be found throughout the world, from Japan to the Caribbean to their home in France, give anyone serious gastronomic wanderlust. — Adrian and Danielle Rubi-Dentzel, The Trail of Crumbs

The Travel Bite

I cater to foodies who love to travel. So whether they’re looking for some suggestions on where to eat, sample itineraries, or just a recipe to make at their vacation home, they’ll find that and more on —  Rachelle Lucas, The Travel Bite

Travel Bites Deep

Travel Bites Deep shares stories from one writer who is always dreaming of her next meal or next trip. — Jessica Colley, Travel Bites Deep

Travel Eat Thrive

Discover delicious and nutritious dishes from around the world, and learn how to prepare these same meals at home. — Travel Eat Thrive

Worth the Whisk

My readers love unpretentious recipes that still dish up a delightful meal. And when it comes to travel, learning from a Road Warrior like myself is a great reason to visit Worth The Whisk. Are you up for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda?? — Patti Londre, Worth the Whisk

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